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Manhattan Location: Lower East Side

Lower East Side, Manhattan

Brooklyn Location, Williamsburg

Williamsburg, Brooklyn

About ESPY Color Imaging

Founded in 2003, ESPY helps artists, brands, companies, design firms, technicians, and builders in transforming their concepts into tangible realities. Located in the Lower East Side, Manhattan & Williamsburg/Greenpoint, Brooklyn.


We are a leading supplier of laser and CNC cutting and routing, displays and pictures, light-boxes, and installation services. We have a full range of in-house equipment to cut and engrave a variety of signage substrates for every customization needs.


Our team diligently coordinates and provides on-site assessments and installations. Our clientele is widely spread among design agencies, galleries, and local retailers. We work closely with our clients each step of the way. Our focus is to bring excellence to all our projects. Shipping Over U.S.!  

Mon - Fri: 11am- 6pm  Sat: Appointment Only

Mon - Fri: 11am- 6pm  Sat: Appointment Only

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